We carry out all assignments according to the general regulations of the Nordic Freight Forwarders Association (NSAB 2015), with the exception of the promise of time referred to in section 7, subsection 2, and the insurance obligation mentioned in section 25, subsection A.

The liability clauses contained in the NSAB will be applicable unless otherwise followed by mandatory transport legal legislation (e.g., Road Transport Contracts Act or CMR).

Our General transport conditions, as well as the NSAB 2015, are available for download from the links below.

Klassik Trans has the right to alter the price of the transport if the details of the transport change substantially. For example, if the delivery and/or pick-up address changes or the vehicle to be transported differs substantially from the one ordered.

The offers apply to cars in driving condition unless otherwise stated in the request for offers.

We reserve the right to invoice the transport price in whole or in part if the vehicle can’t be transported for reasons beyond our control.